Admit that you’re wrong (2019)

Admit That You’re Wrong is a multifaceted installation and performance piece, that I developed in complete collaboration with my sister, theater artist Claire Fleitz; with essential input and curation from choreographer Liana Kleinman. The work exists in two modalities: first, an ongoing podcast, “That Wasn’t Me, I Promise” in which Claire and I perform versions of ourselves. The podcast has no beginning or end, in order to allow a listener to feel an immediate sense of intimacy with our characters, emphasized by the close way in which we were recorded. This podcast comes into relief during a live performance piece, which was part of PROMPTUS III. In this performance, Claire and I silently mime a dialogue with each other while audience members listen to our podcast through headphones. Products advertised in our podcast come to life as multi-sensory objects throughout the performance space. In a gesture reminiscent of Catholicism, Lygia Clark, and Reddit Culture, audience members may seek absolution with one of the performers under a blanket, while the other performer carries out the invisible labor of washing hands or gluing flowers together. The work questions ideas of intimacy in the digital age, using magical realism, withheld information, and humor.